Do you have excess “stuff” that you need to get rid of and want to have a sale? Blues Moon can help you with that. We will assist you with:

  • Sort and Gather – We’ll go through designated areas and decide what to keep, sell, trash or donate.
  • We will assist with pricing items.
  • We have resources with years of experience in the purchase and sale of antique furniture and flea market items.
  • We will advertise the sale.
  • We will run the sale for you.
  • We will also assist with cleanup and offload of the leftover items.

We had a great sale at Blues Moon.  Three families, three days and a tidy profit of $870.  After all items were re-located to a central staging area, a total of about 40 hours was spent sorting, organizing and pricing sale items.  At the end of the sale, the remaining items were inventoried and boxed for donation.  We ended up donating about $1400 worth of items to three local charities for an estimated tax savings of about $360.

Another successful Blues Moon BIG SALE …


An 8 year accumulation of clothing, shoes, toys and household items filled this client’s 2-car garage.  After 27 hours of prep time and a 3-day sale, this Blues Moon BIG SALE made a healthy profit of over $1,100.  At the end of the sale, everything was boxed and inventoried and we ended up donating over $5,000 worth of clothing and toys to a local charity.   It will be a great tax write off for my client but best of all; my client can now park both vehicles in her garage!