The key to organization is to define how you want to use the space, make a plan and then execute the plan. During this process Blues Moon will walk you through the organizational stages:

Sort – We’ll work in a logical order and sort through items taking a look at everything. In this stage we will identify what is important to you and group similar items together.

Purge – Here is where we will make some preliminary decisions on what, if anything, can be tossed. We’ll also look for things that belong in another location or that can be given away or sold.

Assign a Location – Here is where we will plan the space and how it will be used. Is the item something that is used frequently that needs to be stored in easy reach or is it something that used only once in a while that can be put in a more out-of-the-way location? At this point we can make the decision on custom storage needs and cabinetry.

Storage Containers – Now we will take a look at what containers you may have on hand or if anything needs to be purchased. If we have decided to purchase new storage containers, we will decide what will be stored in them and where they will reside so we can purchase the right size and quantity.

Evaluate and Maintain – For the next few weeks it will be up to you to evaluate how we did. Are items where you need them to be? Do you have an overabundance of something that can be eliminated? Did we set up a system that is easy for you to maintain? Are you less stressed and more in control? It is our hope that you will answer “yes” to all of these questions. If not, please give us a call and we’ll re-analyze.

Blues Moon Office

Blues Moon Office

I recently helped this client get through boxes of old paperwork and give him a good start on organizing his massive music collection.  We were even able to make enough space to bring in his vintage stereo system.

De-Cluttering and Garage Sale Prep

My latest de-cluttering project …  I worked with my client for over 23 hours to de-clutter two rooms and set up a garage sale.   The client ran the sale herself and made almost $600.  Best of all she developed some organizational skills and nowplans to tackle the rest of her house with her newfound knowledge.  Love it when I can help!