“I am inspired by the need to have things in their place and accessible as well as the desire to know what needs to be done and the skills to make that happen.”

Sheryl Blue

Organization Specialist

As far back as I can remember I have been interested in interior design.  It more than likely started with the coffee table book on interior design that resided on the table at my grandmother’s farm house.   I spent many hours on many visits perusing the pages of that book.  From that point on I always had a sketch book and pencil and loved creating designs that turned run down sheds into multifunction dwellings suitable for a young girl to reside in.  I can even remember a design that would allow me to camp out in the bathroom for days!
I ended up taking an Interior Design Class in high school. The final was to describe who would live in the home, what their occupation would be and then to design an entire house for them. I designed a beautiful horse ranch in the Colorado Mountains for an Interior Designer and her family and I was hooked. Unfortunately, after a few classes in collage, I got side tracked by life and found myself on a different career path – advertising. However, I continued to design and organize for my friends, family and myself and eventually became certified as an Interior Decorator.In my Advertising career I worked for a direct mail firm, a printing company and finally as the Advertising Manager for a large casino. What I found during my career was that I had a knack for organization that helped me succeed in keeping track of a large budget, a multi-faceted advertising plan and many projects and events. I developed time management techniques and checklists that insured that I did not miss any piece of the tasks that I had been assigned and, become the go-to person for organizational assistance.

The idea to start a professional organizing business has been in my head for many years. And, over the years I’ve done a few garage sales for friends, remodeled most of my own house, planned various events, and helped friends and family members with their organization and design needs. In 2014, after 33 years in advertising, I resigned my position to concentrate on making my dream of starting my own business as a professional organizer come true.

Now, armed with a desire to organize anything and a keen interest in interior design I am pleased to announce that Blues Moon is open for business!

Member: Holton Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, Innovative Networking Group of Topeka and the Innovative Networking Group of Jackson County