Blues Moon was created to be a solution to those who are in need of organizational assistance. Whether we organize a closet, an attic or a basement, help with space planning or interior design, or put together a successful garage sale, Blues Moon will make sure that the solution has a personal touch. And, that the individual is satisfied with the solution we have created.

Initially you may be a little nervous to hire the assistance of a Professional Organizer. Just remember we are here to help you! Successful organization is not about getting rid of “stuff”. It is about making a place for everything so that you know what you have and what is actually important to you. It’s about designing your space so that it reflects who you are and about arranging things logically and efficiently so that staying organized is easy. Once organized, you will have a better feel for what is necessary to keep and what you could actually eliminate.

Did you know?

  • We spend ten minutes every day rummaging for lost items, a survey done by esure Home Insurance has found. Among the top 10 lost items – cell phone, car keys, paperwork and clothing.
  • Cleaning professionals say that eliminating excess clutter would eliminate 40% of the housework.
  • Decluttering closets and basements is one of the easiest ways to speed the sale of a home.

After helping James get rid of his excess furniture and household items so that he could move into an assisted living complex, I received a nice note that read, “Every time I get into my garage sale file, I think, “What a job!”  Thank you for all you did.”

After the sale, when my client could finally park two cars in her garage, she posted a flattering comment on Facebook, “Sheryl Blue was AMAZING to work with!  I highly recommend her and her services!”

Why get organized?

  • Stop spending time looking for things.
  • Reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Gain a sense of control.
  • Gain energy and calm from your space.
  • Reduce stress, frustration and anxiety.

Most everyone would like to be more organized and efficient. Blues Moon can assess the situation, analyze it and come up with a specialized, creative solution. Best of all Blues Moon will work with you to bring the solution to life and to create a plan to maintain organization in your life